Hello, I'm a Frontend Web Engineer based in Indonesia!

Afwa Bagas Wahuda

Human, Software Engineer, Blogger

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I'm a Frontend Web Engineer with 3+ years experiences based in Indonesia. Eager to explore modern web technologies. Also, would be defined as highly motivated, good communication, and fast learner. Experienced in Javascript and it's framework like Vue and Nuxt. Currently, i'm learning and tinkering about React, Next.js and Typescript by creating personal projects.

Currently still looking for a job as a Frontend Engineer for Fulltime Remote.


1999Born in Lampung, Indonesia.
2019Worked at Tamtech International as a Intern Frontend Web Engineer.
2021Completed the Bachelor of Computer Science in the Yogyakarta Muhammadiyah University.
2021Worked at PT. Belajar Tumbuh Berbagi as a Intern Frontend Web Engineer.
2022Worked at PT. Gamatechno Indonesia as a Freelance Frontend Web Engineer.

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